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Your favorite hot rods can be designed and built just about any way you want. But most hot rods fall into one of two categories: there are the traditional cars, and new age high-tech hot rods. While both can be appreciated, most prefer one style of over the other; it s a matter of personal taste.
Blazing Hot Rod

The high-tech street hot rods define the cutting edge of street rodding by using exotic bodywork, independent suspension, custom-machined parts, trick paint, and billet aluminum wheels with low-profile radials. These cars are usually professional built. As far as cost goes, a modern high-tech street hot rod can range from around eighty-thousand to two or three-hundred-thousand dollars (American). There is really no upper limit to what you can spend for the most exotic, handbuilt cars in the world.

Smoking Hot Rod

Traditional hot rods are put together to look like they could have been built decades ago, by using as many parts as possible that were made no later than the fifties or the early sixties at the latest.
Hot Rod Girl

Wheel choices for traditional hot rods include steel "solids" or stock early Ford spoked wheels, with or without hubcaps and beauty rings; early cast aluminum or magnesium American Racing five-spokes, or vintage Halibrand magnesium racing wheels. To do it right, bias-ply tires are used in favor of radials. Roadsters, coupes, sedans, sedan deliveries, and pickups are all welcomed; but the "phantom" body styles that are often seen on high-tech cars would generally be out of place on a traditional ride.

The Web sites that follow have been selected as being representative of what we see as a growing trend in hot rods and rodding: a return to the roots, with cars being built by their owners. You won't see them on trailers. These cars are built to be driven and enjoyed.

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